every scene appearing

1 min readJan 12, 2024

Just recently listened to the book of Siddharta. Now in the middle of reading the Life of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi.

In the book of Siddharta , there are following sentences mentioning images appearing to him:
Siddhartha looked into river and images appeared to him in the moving water. his water appeared lonely mourning for his son he himself appeared lonely, he also being tied with the bondage of yearning to his distant son, his son appeared lonely as well the boy greedily rushing along the burning course of his young wishes each one heading for his goal, each one obsessed by the goal each one suffering. The river sang with a voice of suffering longingly its saying longingly it flowed towards its goal lamentingly its voice sang, do you hear Vasudeva’s mute gaze asked Siddhartha nodded listen better Vasudeva whispered Siddhartha made an effort to listen .. …. images appeared and merged… Siddhartha stopped fighting, his fate stopped suffering, on his face flourished the cheerfulness of knowledge ….

In Bhagavan book
Since her outside world intellect became dim, in the succinct state every scene began appearing before her one after another in succession. At that moment, if her spirit was not subsided within, it might have had to take innumerable janmas. But by the grace of God, her atma crossed the agnana state and attained the position of no return.

Both books saying like : images appearing and merging … If no action or no emotion on those images might cross agnana state..