House robber 2

You are a professional robber planning to rob houses along a street. Each house has a certain amount of money stashed. All houses at this place are arranged in a circle. That means the first house is the neighbor of the last one. Meanwhile, adjacent houses have a security system connected, and it will automatically contact the police if two adjacent houses were broken into on the same night.

Given an integer array nums representing the amount of money of each house, return the maximum amount of money you can rob tonight without alerting the police.

Compared to House robber problem, only one condition is added that is first and last elements are adjacent.
This one extra condition is making to calculate 2 sets of values:

  • One set to consider only elements of indices 0 to n-2 (not taking last element)
  • Another set to consider only elements of indices 1 to n-1 (not taking first element)

In both calculations, double time addition of elements of indices from 1 to n-2 are involved.
Please comment if any possibility there to optimize.
Solution 1:

Solution 2:



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