House Robber-III

void CalcRobNotRobValues(struct TreeNode *nd, int *r, int *nr){
/* no node , both values are zero */
if (!nd){ *r = 0; *nr= 0; return;}

/* first calculate the childrens rob,not-rob values */
int lr=0, lnr=0, rr=0, rnr=0;
CalcRobNotRob(nd->left, &lr, &lnr);
CalcRobNotRob(nd->right, &rr, &rnr);

/* if robbing node, children nodes cannot be robbed
so add not-rob values of children */
*r = nd->val + lnr + rnr;

/* if not robbing node, children nodes can be robbed
so add rob values of children */
/* If not robbing this node, there is an option to rob children
or no robbing of children. Choose the max value */

if (lnr > lr) *nr = lnr;
else *nr = lr;
if (rnr > rr) *nr += rnr;
else *nr += rr;
int rob(struct TreeNode* root){
int rob=0, nr=0;
CalcRobNotRob(root, &rob, &nr);
return (rob > nr ? rob : nr);



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